We've always created
our own path

The Prádlo distillery is steeped in over nine decades of heritage. Located in the West Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, it was once the site of a 16th-century fortress, and currently, it is one of the longest continuously operating whisky distilleries in Czechia.


Our master distiller

Our Master Distiller, Kristina Demelová, joined the Prádlo distillery in 1985 and has since developed her expertise in the production of whisky.

Having spent much of her childhood on the distillery premises, due to her father being the Head of the distillery, she followed in her grandfather and father's footsteps to become the Master Distiller of Prádlo. During her time working at the distillery, she has expertly gained experience in almost every professional position associated with the production of distillates.

For the last twelve years, she has been in charge of Prádlo, where, together with her six-member team, she has perfected the technique of very small batch distillation and maturation, tuned the production process to perfection.

The Prádlo Way

The source of unique taste lies in the original production process proudly named The Prádlo Way. It is a demonstration of the expertise, invention, and determination to create our own whisky in the true tradition of Czech craftsmanship.