The Prádlo Way

Our whisky takes inspiration from the old but perfectly balances it with the new.

Under the expert guidance of our Master Distiller, Kristina Demelová we have perfected the technique of very small batch distillation and maturation.

The first step uses a contemporary column still, delivering wonderfully fresh and fragrant top notes. We then redistill this in traditional copper pot stills to create a spirit rich in complexity and character. This finely balanced spirit is then matured in casks crafted from Quercus Petraea oak. These vessels are crafted in the Czech Republic and then deeply charred inside and on each end to bring out the distinct, luxuriously honeyed, sweet, nutty, spiced tones and golden amber colour you’ll find in our wonderful whisky.

We’re deeply proud of our heritage, our whisky, its unique character, and, above all else the fact that we've been quietly going about creating it using the Prádlo Way for over three decades now.


Deliciously flavoursome local Czech barley.


The first step uses a contemporary small column still and we then redistill in a traditional copper pot still to create a spirit rich in complexity and character.

Manual bottling

Our whisky is hand-bottled and hand-labeled.


Fermentation is providedby Czech baker's yeast.

Czech casks

Locally crafted deeply charred casks.

Seven people

Our whisky distillery is managed by Master Distiller Kristina Demelová and her six-strong team.